Hansa Cannonball Run2 2019 

What to expect

The Hansa Cannonball Run 27 February - 1 March 2019 was a new electric vehicle challenge organized by Hansa Green Tour.

Participants drove with battery electric cars from the Netherlands to Austria to test and demonstrate the performance of the latest long range electric vehicles in a spectacular way! Who would be fastest and who would be the smartest?

What to expect:
Day 1: All delegates tested and monitored the performance of their EV's. The first to arrive in Austria with the winning time would be the fastest. The quickest to arrive with the lowest energy consumption in kWh would be the smartest.
Day 2: Testing car and battery performance by driving the Glacier Road, just like James Bond in Spectre, up to 2800 meters altitude, the highest panoramic road in Europe. Including a visit to 007 Elements!
Day 3: Presentation of all vehicles and the results of this EV Challenge at the Smart E-Mobility conference at the World Sustainable Energy Days in Wels, Friday 1. March 2019.

Final results:

Fastest driver: Team GreenMo Rent - Tesla Model 3

Smartest driver: Team De Drie Bronnen - Kia E-Niro

Watch the prize ceremony and other cool videos on our YouTube channel

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The cars and teams:
- Jaguar I-Pace - Team Emodz
- Hyundai Kona - Team EV Coöperatie & Neutrino Energy
- Opel Ampera E - Team Autoleasewereld
- Tesla X - Team De Groot
- Kia E-Niro - Team De Drie Bronnen
- Jaguar I-Pace - Team Ecotap
- Opel Ampera - Team Hansa Green Tour (not contesting)
- Tesla Model 3 - Team GreenMo